Montessori Lead Teacher

Certified Teacher
Hours 9am - 6pm
Three to five years of teaching in Montessori education.


  • Teach and supervise all students in the Montessori Method and curriculum in all academic and specialty areas of study.
  • Prepare materials and maintain their cleanliness and good condition/repair
  • Be responsible for the safety and physical well being of all students in your charge at all times.
  • Prepare and have available weekly lesson plans and record students’ progress.
  • Prepare summaries of each week and submit to the Education Director on time.
  • Organize work so that daily time is available for record keeping, meetings with assistants and School supervisors and parents as deemed necessary by the School.
  • Be in attendance at all staff meetings and after hours parent meetings, admissions events or classroom socials.
  • Prepare and participate in parent conferences at least twice each School Year, including two evenings conferences as determined by School, at its sole discretion, and as requested by parents. Call all parents in February to inquire if a third conference is required/necessary.
  • Return telephone calls within the same day. Reply to parents email messages within 24 hours.
  • Maintain current on-going records on all students in your charge and have same available for School’s review upon request. Maintain confidentiality of all such records.

Please email your resume to director@elitemindsmontessori.com


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