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Speaking Peace: An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

In these introductory workshop, we will explore the foundations of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a revolutionary way of thinking and speaking, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, PhD, which is being used around the world to bring peace and connection to personal, professional and international relationships. Through the practice of NVC we learn how our language has a powerful impact on the level of connection that we experience in relationship. NVC teaches the skills to cultivate a ground mutual cooperation, where everyone's needs are considered and cared for and where compassion can blossom.

The workshop will begin with an interactive introduction to the principles NVC, followed by an exercise. Together, we will plant the seeds of empowered, compassionate living. Join us for an afternoon of transformation, personal growth and fun.


Clara Moisello embraced Nonviolent Communication as part of a journey of self-discovery and transformation that began once she left her home in Italy in 2006 to pursue her doctoral studies in New York. While still working as researcher at CUNY, Clara became actively involved in supporting the NYCNVC community, participating in and facilitating practice groups and intensives and training under the mentorship of Thom Bond. Eventually, this led her to a life and career shift.

As of today, Clara has completed over 500 hours of NVC training and supports NYCNVC both as Core Staff member, Course Coordinator, trainer and mentor. She is strongly committed to deepening her NVC practice and to spreading the NVC consciousness to her world. Clara also has teaches yoga and supports people in developing a loving relationship with their body and with food. Her passion and former work as neuroscientist informs and inspires all her activities.  


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